3 Meditation Techniques to Attract Higher Paying Clients

Meditation Techniques

It’s one of the greatest times to be alive because we have access to any information we ever need to make highly educated decisions to produce our desired outcomes. Yet, I would have you consider we have become one of the most distracted generations that have ever walked the face of this planet. We are…

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The Power of the Pause: How to Accomplish More By Doing Less

power of the pause

In today’s culture, hustling and working “hard” is worn like a badge of honor. I know for years I wore it like one. When people asked me how I was doing I would take pride and saying, “Man, I’m busy.” I had a belief system thinking if people believe I’m busy then they will think…

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Nice People V Good People

nice people v good people

I’ve noticed a pattern with a lot of high performing creative entrepreneurs. They are incredibly gifted at what they do, they over deliver for clients, people love them, yet deep down… …they don’t have the influence, impact or income they know they are capable of. Maybe you can relate to this? If so, I would…

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How to Increase Your Webinar Attendance

how to increase webinar attendance

Some would say webinars are dead. I say…they are alive and well. You can’t believe everything you hear in today’s marketplace. The reality is marketing strategies have to be honed. You cannot try hosting a webinar once hoping to get rich over night. When you do you’re most likely not going to yield massive returns…

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The Missing Element of Marketing No One is Talking About

You may have heard you only need to learn to how to host a great webinar, build your list or do social media marketing the right way to have a successful online business. I’ve found there’s a crucial missing element of marketing no one is really talking about these days. There’s a 7 step pathway that…

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