The AMOUNT of NO’s seperates the Have’s from the Have Not’s

Business Coach - Aj Amyx

No is NOT a scary word. Somehow as we have grown older, we have been conditioned to believe that hearing the word no REFLECTS on us personally. Meaning we are a bad person. Meaning we are NOT good enough. This my friends is ONE of the BIGGEST lies keeping you from creating the EPIC life…

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The Jan Koch Interview – Conquering the Fears Before Escaping 9-to-5 and Starting Your Own Business

Jan Koch

Entrepreneurship. The age old question…Should I start my own business to create more freedom? In today’s EVER CHANGING marketplace, more and more people are starting their own businesses. For many in the online business space, a laptop and internet connection was ALL they needed to start their businesses. It’s INCREDIBLE. Today I am interviewing Jan…

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The SECRET to Mastering Technology like a Digital Native

Some CREATORS think technology is too hard like it’s this foreign language one must master. That CANNOT me FURTHER from the truth. The Truth… If you can upload a picture to Facebook and operate a Microsoft Word document you can MASTER technology and create an Internet based business that will ROCK your world. All it…

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The Dawn Mann Interview – EPIC Branding Strategies to CRUSH IT with a Personal Celebrity Brand

Branding? Is it even IMPORTANT to our businesses as an author, speaker, trainer or coach these days? I’m interviewing Dawn Mann, an Award Winning Branding Strategist, to LAY DOWN the TRUTH. I will tell you…my PERSONAL BRAND has hands down, made me the MOST money over the years. Today, August 1st at 1pm CST, I…

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Is it too LATE to START my Internet based Business?

Many people think the WINDOW of opportunity is a NARROW gate. While this may be true for some industries and opportunities, when it comes to the Internet, it doesn’t RING TRUE. It’s more like PLANTING a TREE… …the BEST time to PLANT a tree is 20 years ago. The NEXT best time is right NOW.…

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