The 5 Secrets Married Marketers, Coaches, Consultants and Experts Are Using To Add 6-Figures, While Taking 6-8 Weeks Off.

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The Tactics That Work

Over the past 12 years I’ve designed and tested various personal and business growth tactics. Below are the ones that consistently work the best.

What the Heck Do I Know?

In 2009, I put down my guitar to stop touring as a professional musician and decided to build a personal brand known as the #TwitterRockstar, where I trained over 10,000 people on how to use Twitter to generate leads and sales.

Along the way, I’ve been featured on CNN, BusinessInsider, CreativeLive and is a mentor to several of Forbes Top Social Media Influencers.

I founded Raging Rebel because I didn’t want the best books, music, art and talent to die in the minds of their creators when they leave this earth.

I wanted to teach entrepreneurs in the creative industries there is a way of living that defies the status quo and says f*ck you to mediocrity.

I wanted them to know it is possible to thrive in the modern day marketplace.

I Dig It. Let’s Talk.

Enough About Me. Here’s the Word on the Street.

  • I would recommend AJ as a coach because he starts at your core, where every thought, decision and action comes from. If that isn't dealt with first, no strategy or tactic is ever going to work fully. AJ is smart enough to know what you need to do to see results, and so emotionally intelligent that he delivers knowledge in the way you’re going to best receive it.
    Jason Croft Jason Croft Croft Media
  • There was just something about AJ’s discovery call with me. He asked the right question and put me at ease. He just seemed to “get” me and my issues. I bit the bullet and hired him and he waaaay over-delivered on his promises. I think because he lives in my world and does what I do, that he knows my points of pain, challenges and struggles. I truly believe in him, his strategies and his knowledge as a business and marketing consultant.
    Viveka von Rosen Viveka von Rosen Vengreso
  • I gained insight into how we work as humans and how that relates to achieving goals regardless of what they are.
    Jason Osburn Jason Osburn Design Unto Others (DUO)

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