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When It Comes to Marketing Online, Do You Feel Like You Are Being Pulled in a Million Different Directions?

Are you confused about what you should be focusing on and unclear about how Twitter fits in with other marketing strategies?

Would you like a clear plan to follow to show you how to get more exposure, leads and sales?

I can show you how to bring it all together and use Twitter to build a rocking business in 30 minutes a day.

I Believe Twitter is the Most Powerful Tool to help Your Achieve Your Financial Goals Right Now

Here's Why...

Ryan Deiss said, "The Facebook Slap is coming."'s here! Meaning "free" and cheap traffic from Facebook is coming to an end.

The Blue Ocean of Opportunity

There are 310 Million ACTIVE Monthly Users.

47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit the company's website.

There were 157 Billion Twitter Timeline views in the first quarter of 2014.

Here's a

Proven Twitter Marketing Plan You Can Use to Grow Your Business

Right Now

Tweet Like a Rockstar

"Before working with Aj I didn't have a Twitter account. My band did, but I personally didn't have anything. I implemented the strategies he taught me and within 10 weeks I went from having 0 followers to over 10,000 followers on Twitter. I was blown away. Aj has a way of making things really simple and I'd highly recommend anyone looking to use Twitter effectively to join this program."

Willie Mack, Singer/Songwriter

If You Want to Create the Life and Business You Love, You Need a Proven Plan

Here are the 3 things you need


Know who and how you help people


Have the exact blueprint to implement


Have more leads and sales to share your message in a big way and create more personal freedom

“Aj’s strategies add thousands of followers to our Twitter accounts and drove thousands of clicks to our website. Applying his strategies will help you build a targeted audience and get more traffic to your website.”

Nick Unsworth, CEO of Life on Fire



Your Proven Plan for Using Twitter

When You Join TWEET LIKE A ROCKSTAR I'll help you create a profitable Twitter Marketing Plan that will give you the confidence you need to build a business that's crushing it.

tweet like a rockstar

- 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee -

What's Included in the Course?

  • Five easy to follow along modules delivered to you via tutorial style through online video

  • Worksheets for each module to keep you accountable as you go through the course

  • Access to a members only Facebook Group

  • A collection of interviews with Twitter Insights from Online Experts

  • Module 1: Getting Started on Twitter, Setting Up Your Account for Success

    In this module you will learn how to rock through Twitter, set up your account, choose a username and position yourself as a credible authority within your industry

  • Module 2: Creating Tweets that Capture Attention

    In this module you will learn how to create a content strategy that converts, how to tweet, what to tweet, when to tweet and how to use third party applications to enhance each tweet.

  • Module 3: Attracting Raving Fans and Growing Your Following

    In this module you will learn the best techniques for attracting raving fans, increasing clicks to your website and building your email list.

  • Module 4: Increasing Your Reach and Visibility Online

    In this module you will learn the best strategies to increase your impressions and reach, create new opportunities for your business, attract new leads, how to support others who align with your brand and how to interact via direct message.

  • Module 5: Utilizing Tools to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

    In this module you will learn about tools to help you schedule your Tweets, measure success, automate engagement and directly make sales from Twitter.



I believe in this program so much that I’ll take on ALL the risk.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the course, I’ll give 100% of your money back within the first 30 days.


Who Is This Program For?

Entrepreneurs just starting out

Business Owners wanting to scale their business

Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Musicians or Digital Business Owners

Marketing Professionals who want to rock their clients' world

Who Is This Program NOT For?

When You've COMPLETED This Program
You'll Be Able To...

money back logo


I believe in this product so much, I’ll take on ALL the risk.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the program, I’ll give 100% of your money back within the first 30 days.

If You're Like Me When I First Started I Had Some MISCONCEPTIONS About Marketing on Twitter

#1 You have to be a Tech Wizard

Not at all! I grew up on a farm.

#2 You have to be a celebrity to use Twitter

Seriously...I'm definitely not as cool or have as many followers as Ashton Kutcher.

#3 You have no idea how to Tweet or where to start

I'll show you how to master Twitter and have a solid marketing plan you can implement easily.

#4 No one knows who you are. Why would they listen to you?

It's all about creating good content consistently and connecting with your target market. I'll show you how.

#5 You have to have a huge following to be successful

You can be profitable from the start with only a few followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What specifically will I learn from this program?

You will walk away from this with a solid Twitter Marketing Plan. While building your plan, you will learn how to get more leads, traffic and sales using effective Twitter strategies. You will also learn how to build a large targeted following and use them to generate revenue streams for your business.

2. How will this product teach me to generate business leads?

Aj will show you the step-by-step process to turn your Twitter efforts into a lead generating machine. You will learn which lead generating opportunities work best on Twitter and how to drive qualified traffic to you lead opportunities.

3. How can this program benefit an entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional like me?

Aj understands you are overwhelmed on where to start and what to do at times. The techniques taught in TWEET LIKE A ROCKSTAR will help improve your name recognition, increase your followers and improve your online presence quickly and easily.

4. How long will it take me to implement this program and see results?

Results vary, but it's common for me to hear students who go through the program see results within days or even hours of implementing some of the strategies. Aj will guide you step-by-step on how to create an effective Twitter presence and how to apply these strategies to consistently see solid results.

5. What if I'm not tech savvy...can I still implement this program?

Absolutely! We have organized this program so entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals of all technical levels can implement the techniques we've described. If you'll commit and be open to learning, Aj can teach you.

6. Who is the creator of this product and why is he qualified?

Aj Amyx is the creator of this training product. He has over 16,000 targeted followers on Twitter and has taught hundreds of business owners how to use Twitter to grow their business. He’s been featured on CNN, Business Insider and many top business podcasts.

7. What if I don't like this program?

We know you'll LOVE this program and will see great results. However, if for whatever reason you aren't satisfied in any way, or you don't think you are getting enough results, we have a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. We want you to succeed and know if you follow our strategies and take action you will see amazing results.


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