If you’re a consultant, the marketplace is getting way more competitive and you’re likely struggling with one of three things: A consistent flow of quality leads. Charging what you’re worth. And not getting burned out.

So if you want to grow your financial freedom this year without getting burned out in the process, I’ve learned there are 4 things you must do.

1. Be Specific About What You Offer

No one cares about you or what you are selling. They only care about what results will you get them and how are you going to do that. So you have to ensure you’re extremely clear on your messaging. Don’t speak about general ideas. Speak to the specific results.

2. Remember, Relevancy is Better Than Celebrity Branding

The modern day marketplace is very noisy. Everyone, from their grandma to their kids, are creating content from the palm of their hand. It’s never been easier to get in the game – but it’s also never been harder to get the attention of your ideal client.

If you haven’t learned the skills of being 100% relevant to your industry and their pain points, they will tune you out and you won’t get leads. And the crazy part? They are tuning you out unconsciously because their brain has to focus on how to solve to their problems.

Remember to speak the language of What’s In It For Me. WIIFM. If you’re not speaking to someone’s specific and detailed pain points and outcomes – you will be ignored.

3. Leverage Your Message.

As a coach and consultant – you wanted to HELP and SERVE people. Not spend all your time marketing and selling. This is why it’s incredibly important that you have an “indoctrination” sequence on autopilot that does three things.

  1. Repels the clients you don’t enjoy working with and can’t afford you.
  2. Causes the clients that you enjoy working with to fall in love with the idea of working with you and to have zero doubt about the value of your time and services.
  3. Finish the pre-work required so you can easily sell your offer for the money you’re worth, without feeling high pressure stakes, stress, or like a slimy salesperson.

4. Increase Your CORE Power

I left the most important for last. This is the missing piece that most people don’t get. And the best tactics and strategies will fail you if this principle isn’t understood.

When it comes to selling consulting, your tactics and strategy are only effective to the degree of your confidence and certainty levels in yourself. If at your CORE, you don’t trust and respect yourself, the marketplace will respond by not having trust and respect for you. Instead, they will respond by giving you more opportunities to express your doubt and fear.

In other words, you can never outwork your own concept of yourself. This is why expansion is played on two fields constantly. First, the outward strategies and second: the growing of your inner certainty. Knowing the skills to move forward in BOTH areas is critical.

The Stakes

If you ignore any of these four principles this year, you’re setting yourself up to:

  • Work hard to gain new skill sets, only to keep getting the same results
  • Feel like a hamster running on an endless wheel
  • Struggle to a point where you feel every day you’re carrying a big boulder on your shoulders
  • Not getting great leads
  • Not closing the important sales
  • Closing the sale, but experiencing drama with your clients.

On the other hand, if you are specific with your message, if you remember relevancy, if you leverage your message and if you expand your core power…2018 will be yours for the taking.

And adding another 6 figures is completely possible.

AJ is the founder of Raging Rebel and the Adding 6-Figures Community. He hosts a 3 day immersion event that helps 5 consultants walk away with the automated systems that add an additional 6-Figures to their business. His next Dallas event is March 9-11 — text him at 325-370-7206 for details.

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