How to Build a Personal Brand in 2020

how to build a personal brand

Today we will be talking with Julian Placino who has made big waves into creating his own personal brand. Julian went from working at BottleRocket which is one of the best app building companies to starting a podcast called “Pathways to Success.”  That led him to become a paid actor in commercials and successfully create…

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EP 009: (Conscious Leadership) Why Integrity Is Vital For Success

(Conscious Leadership) Why Integrity Is Vital For Success

In this Sunday Sermon, I’m going to be diving deep talking about why Integrity is vital to success in both your life and business.  You’re going to want to listen to this episode because it holds the potential to radically and fundamentally transform your life and business for the better.  When my clients and I…

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EP 008: (Six Figure Empire) How Jody Holland Doubled His Revenue, While Working Less

Six Figure Empire

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how my good friend and client doubled his revenue while working less.  I think you’ll get a ton of value from this episode because a lot of what Jody has to share is pretty counter-intuitive. Also, I decided to create a free training to teach you the exact…

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EP 007: How to Set Goals Effectively In 2020

How to Set Goals Effectively In 2020

In today’s Sunday Sermon, I’ll be talking about how to effectively set goals in 2020. If you want to make 2020 your best year ever, it’s time for you to stop comparing and despairing and to start going on the journey to just be better than you were yesterday. If you like the podcast up…

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EP 006: (Online Business Blueprint) 4 Steps to Add Six Figures to Your Business and Scale to 7 Figures

In this episode, I’m bringing you one of my best homies, Jonathan Heston to share with you the 4 steps to adding 6-figures to your business and scale to 7-Figures. It’s a time-proven framework that has been forged in the trenches while coaching some the best and most elite in the industry.  So you’ll definitely…

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