In today’s episode I’m bringing you one of the former OG UFC world champions of the world, Guy Mezger. Guy has not only been a UFC World Champion, he is 7th ever King of Pancrese world champion. Outside the world of fighting, Guy has run a consulting company that trains both Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies on revamping their defensive tactics. He also was the President of one of Mark Cubans companies. Lastly, Guy has a pHD and is a holistic doctor and managing partner at a doctor’s group called Optimal Health Specialists.   Within this episode we will be diving into the keys to reinventing your life at any age, regardless of your circumstances.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What Guy’s toughest fight was and the lesson he learned from that tough fight.
  • How does personal development help make transitions.
  • The main mistakes people make when reinventing themselves.
  • Steps to take when learning how to reinvent yourself.
  • Learning how to go all in on YOURSELF.
  • How does Guy Balance himself between family and creating the next version of himself.
  • What the possibilities for someone to reinvent themselves.
  • What is at stake if someone doesn’t try to reinvent themselves?

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