In today’s episode,  we are discussing the Holy Spirit and how to communicate with spirit.  When we are able to clear our minds and become open to receive, the spirit will send us messages.  The goal of learning to listen to the Holy Spirit is to live our lives more fully in flow and find the fulfillment we desire.  Being led is about being devoted and consistent in honoring your mind, body, and emotions.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Learning to communicate with the Holy Spirit enables you to live your life with greater flow and to achieve greater fulfillment.
  • Even billionaires like Sara Blakely have embraced the idea of talking with the universe in order to find her way.  She recently spoke at Business Mastery in Palm Beach Florida and told her story of how she learned to trust the universe.
  • God can speak to us in a number of ways.  When we are in our being, we are able to get messages from everything from movies to animals.
  • In 1 Kings, the story of Elijah has the prophet in a state of despair, indicating he was no better off than his ancestors.  Eventually he communicates with the spirit through an angel.  The angel guides Elijah to communicate with God.  He then provides him specific guidance on how to journey back and interact with others.  God pushes him back into his purpose.
  • The voice or feelings we are given help us to hear direction which can seem like we are hearing a voice guiding us on our way.
  • When Elijah listens as he is pulled or guided to go stand on the mountain and listen for God, he begins to get the guidance needed.
  • The voice came in the gentle whisper for Elijah.  It was not in the wind or in a boom.  It was in the stillness of a whisper.
  • The busyness that exists in our lives is keeping us from true connection and our true being ness.
  • Life is and needs to now be about the blending of being and doing.  It is about being woke, switched on, and plugged in.
  • When we are fully present in that moment, the voice will speak to us.
  • Discipline your mind, honor your body, and nurture your emotions on a daily basis.
  • meditate on a daily basis and do breath work.
  • Move your body in a way that serves and honors your body.  Eat foods that are healthy and serve you.
  • Learn to feel your emotions in each part of your body and listen to what they are telling you.
  • Magic happens in our lives when we are plugged into that voice.
  • Get out of your head and into your soul.
  • God talks to everyone.  Slow down and hear the gentle whisper.

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