In today’s episode is all about the key to sticking to your goals and your routines. Many coaches and course creators have big dreams to make an impact and influence humanity to be a better place. Yet some create massive impact and create fat bank accounts in the process while fully embodying their life of freedom. 

While others don’t seem to gain the momentum to create that as a reality. It comes down to a very simple single word, which is commitment. I found it’s a lot easier to say that word than walk it out.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What is a commitment?
  • How to integrate powerful commitment into your own life?
  • The old business fable, the pig, and the chicken.
  • What is the difference between committed and involved?
  • How does commitment look for different people?
  • Ask yourself: Am I willing to commit, not just get involved?
  • What is the true nature of commitment?
  • Understanding how commitment is the decision that precedes achievement. 
  • Understanding how commitment is always tested by action.
  • Who and what are the Doers and the Feelers?
  • What side effects do the Doers and the Feelers come with?
  • True self-love is being committed to the being and the doing aspects that are in alignment with the identity that is congruent with that which you desire.
  • What must die in us to be what we desire to become?
  • How can you improve your level of commitment?
  • What is the Edison Method?

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