In today’s episode we are bringing Donnie Gupton onto the show. We will be discussing how to generate leads on LinkedIn. This episode is totally synchronistic because he helped build a business from $1M to $6M during the Great Recession in 2009. His message is so relevant to the season we are in and headed into right now. It’s Time! Let’s find out what the best way to use LinkedIn to grow your business.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What led Donnie to double down on himself and invest his time in the digital marketing game?
  • Why is LinkedIn important? Is it full of spammers?
  • Who should be using LinkedIn?
  • The best way to use LinkedIn to generate leads.
  • The common mistakes people make
  • Is it as simple as connecting with people and messaging them?
  • What is Donnie’s favorite connection request to use?
  • Is there a messaging framework when reaching out?
  • How important is a video on LinkedIn?
  • Tools Donnie recommends to use.
  • Is there a solid LinkedIn group strategy?
  • Donnie’s advice to his younger self.
  • What is possible for you if you were to follow Donnie’s advice?
  • How to connect with Donnie

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