Today I’m bringing on Morgan Sutton. She is a rockstar at managing a virtual team! We’ve been jamming for nearly three years at the time of this recording and I’ve watched as she continues to lead and grow their team to 6-Figure Weeks, to more recurring revenue and it’s inspiring. She’s one of the best people I know at building, leading and managing a virtual team, so I thought I would be on the podcast to share some of her wisdom with you.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How did Morgan learn how to manage a team?
  • Morgan’s pivoting point where she stepped back and added additional people to her team.
  • Why is it important to learn how to manage a virtual team?
  • How often do they meet?
  • How do you find team members?
  • How much should you expect to pay someone?
  • What tools are used to manage the team?
  • Morgan’s biggest breakthrough around managing the team?
  • Does Morgan plan the projects or is there a project manager?
  • How should one go about setting goals?
  • Is team reviews smart to do? 
  • What has been Morgan’s biggest mistakes?

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