Growing up, we knew nothing about emotions. They were these things you have to stuff down into the recesses of your being. There were other times I’d experienced angry people, and I said to myself that I never want to be like that person. I never want to be angry or hurt. I made a judgment, where I said, I never want to be angry because angry people are wrong. They hurt people. 

Because of that belief system, I then became a nice guy. Believing that if I was nice enough, then maybe people will like me and the thing I learned as I got older is that nice people get run over. It wasn’t serving me to be nice. I learn that good people get laid and paid.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Emotions are messengers.
  • Why do humans like to sedate and run away from their feelings?
  • Where can personal development go wrong?
  • The reaction to the emotion harms people.
  • What happens if you lack emotional intelligence? 
  • What was AJ’s experience in his medical journey and what were his realizations?
  • Results if people are not clear on their values.
  • Why is it important for us to learn how to express emotions, like anger, healthily?
  • What happens if we don’t allow feelings to pass through us?
  • What is the core power process all about as proposed by AJ and Jonathan Hansen?
  • What is one of the greatest gifts as a human being?
  • Contrast is an actual thing because, without contrast, we cannot have a human experience.

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