In this episode, we’ll talk about pricing strategies and how to price your services. I’m bringing on one of my past clients, Shontaye Hawkins. She has so much wisdom to share with you. She’s a strategist, uses her extensive finance background, and her ability to help someone align with the truth of the numbers. 

Shontaye has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs and the Bank of New York Also, with other industry leaders like Grant Thornton.

She’s passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What difference does it make when you intentionally step into your core power?
  • What is the problem with attaching approval to your pricing?
  • What is the starting point with pricing your services as proposed by Shontaye?
  • How and what lead Shontaye started mastering the number game of finance and pricing?
  • Why is it important for business owners to pay attention to their profit as proposed by Shontaye?
  •  What happens when you generate more profit?
  • Why do many people run away from the numbers?
  • Why is it important to understand your starting point, as proposed by Shontaye?
  • The pricing strategies as discussed by Shontaye
  • What is Shontaye’s advice on how business owners should position themselves in the market?
  • How will businesses figure out what they will price their services?
  • How branding and aligning works as discussed by Shontaye
  • What is Pricing Language?
  • Why do you have to be wary in using the words; exclusive, sale, discount, and free?
  • What are the rules or formulas when you offer stackings or packages as proposed by Shontaye?
  • The Marketing Rule of 7 as discussed by Shontaye
  • What mistakes do Shontaye see business owners are making with pricing?
  • Don’t be a Chief Volunteer Officer (CVO)
  • Don’t base your pricing on what your competition is charging.
  • What separates you from somebody else in the market?
  • What’s the formula for profit as proposed by Shontaye?
  • Shontaye’s advice to someone who’s about to launch a new offer on how to price correctly 
  • How does a beta version can develop your product or services as discussed by AJ?
  • What Shontaye tells her younger self to help her get results faster?

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