In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about the benefits of balancing masculine and feminine energy, and how to maintain the harmony of both energies that live within you to press forward and lead and create results.  

So today, I’m bringing in Leiven Hwang. I met Leiven back in January of this year in Kona, Hawaii. Leiven is a celebrated space holder for a men’s event for both online and physical space. He’s a fusion of an architect, a product designer, an entrepreneur, a dancer, and a teacher. He also has a background in martial arts, Qigong, authentic movement plotters, and yoga. He’s one of the most integrated men I ever had the privilege of meeting.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How can anyone benefit from having the capacity to balance masculine and feminine energy?
  • How and when did Leiven go through the journey of understanding himself on a deeper level?
  • According to Leiven, was he a Yin or Yang 15 years ago?
  • How and when did Leiven learn to balance his masculine and feminine energy?
  • Why is it important to embrace the ugly petty parts of ourselves instead of masking it over?
  • How do awareness and noticing play a crucial role in the journey of embracing masculine and feminine energy?
  • How will creating a safe space, having somebody to talk to, or hiring a coach to allow whatever goes into ourselves makes a difference?
  • Is there an ROI from paying somebody to be your safe space holder? Or like hiring a life coach?
  • “We’re in this age where humanity has been conditioned to a paradigm of objectification. And that’s why this question of ROI is so important because we’re conditioned to put some kind of mathematical value on everything. Whereas for me, I’m opening more and more to the value of my experience in each and every moment.” – Leiven Hwang
  • What is Leiven’s experience of embracing the polarity of Yin and Yang in his marriage?
  • “I think we’re at a time in place in history, where it has actually very beneficial, for there’s a time and place for men to be with men. There’s a time and place for women to be with women, and there’s also a time in place for both genders to be in a circle together.” AJ
  • In a circle of men and women, how can conflict usually bring the much-needed healing?
  • What are the two biggest obstacles in keeping people from integrating their masculine and feminine energies?
  • A background of Levin’s couple course called “Conscious Couples Hearts Wide Open”
  • A rundown of Leiven’s upcoming Trainings and workshops.
  •  “Feel. Feel a little, it is okay to feel and in that feeling, so much of life will open up to you and you will simply have so much more joy and a deeper knowing of who you truly are.” -Leiven Hwang

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