In today’s episode, I’m bringing in a guy I met in Hawaii last January of this year. We’ll be talking about how personal development changed his life and how it allowed him to overcome failures and mistakes.

 And so, today’s guest is Nicholas Gadouas. Nick is a super cool man; he’s a husband, a father, and a business owner. Also, he created massive shifts in the cannabis industry, and over the past years, he stood headfirst into improving himself as a man.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What is Nic’s current situation now that he’s back in Hawaii?
  • What has Nic learned from his workaholic adult life? 
  • What were Nic’s experiences working in the cannabis industry?
  • What was Nic’s answer when he asked himself, “Nick, what’s important to you?”
  • How did the accident of Nic’s daughter change his perspective on life?
  • What is the key to unlocking one’s potential? 
  • What is the huge issue in today’s culture concerning the upbringing of children’s sense of belonging and success? 
  • “Your personal development becomes the real gold star., and the only gold stars that I want are the ones that I can produce myself.“ – Nicholas Gadouas
  • How focusing on his failures made a difference in Nic’s journey to success?
  • “It’s hard to identify your successes if you’re ignoring your failures.” – Nicholas Gadouas
  • What was Nic’s life 5 or 7 years ago, and what triggered him to get out of the rabbit hole?
  • What was the biggest lesson Nic’s wife taught him?
  • What’s the effect of the current global pause brought upon on people?
  • What Nic experienced in the Hawaii men’s retreat, and how it changed him?
  • According to Nic, what is the biggest gift he can give to his children?
  • “Skillful navigation to me is the trimming of the sails, not so much with the spinning of the wheel on the ship, but the trimming of the sale to get the maximum potential out of the wind that’s behind you, and feeling your sails.” – Nicholas Gadouas
  • What is Nic’s advice to his younger self? 
  • A brief background of Nicholas’ Fish Village?
  • How can sharing openly our mistakes and failures can change our lives, the lives of our children, and the coming generation entirely?

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