Today I’m bringing on an incredible human being, and one of my students to talk about how sexual energy transmutation can improve your life and your business. If you ever feel like any guilt and shame or you’re not like 100% comfortable with your sexual energy as a man or a woman, 

I’d highly recommend that you stay tuned into this episode because it’s full of insights and some wisdom to really help you skyrocket your life and business to the next level. And many people especially here in the Western world, they like they don’t realize how much happiness and power and full on fulfillment that they’re actually missing out on because they don’t know how to transmute and be comfortable with their sexual energy and like take that and transmute it into like creation energy. 

So if you’re ready to talk about things that most people would say or to boo or they just like really never talked about ever. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What is Daniel’s perspective about people’s acceptance or the rejection of their sexual energy?
  • What Daniel thinks about so many people view sex or sexuality as bad or like a secret?
  • What are Daniel’s opinions in regards to a family should be providing space to teach principles to their children so their children can ask questions and understand?
  • Daniel talks about his journey from being in a place where things are awkward and there are judgments of sexual stories. Now how can he openly talk about it and teach about it to his clients?
  • How did Daniel overcome awkwardness and judgments? and how he harnessed his sexual energy?
  • How does somebody then start harnessing their sexual energy their creative energy to then channel that into creation, creation in life creation in business? 
  • What are the mistakes Daniel found from a lot of his clients when it comes to sexual energy transmutation that they’re not like speaking about it?
  • What pieces of advice will Daniel tell to himself that would help him collapse time and get results faster?

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