In today’s episode, we’ll be talking all about how to step up your inner game of success. I’ve invited Jill Stanton to come onto the show and share how her inner game became a huge key with her and her husband in unlocking the next level of success in their own lives and in their own business.

Jill and her husband own a business called “Screw the Nine to Five”, they created this business to show others how they were making money from over 30 online businesses while living overseas. And since 2011, they’ve gone on to create a business that generates high six figures. They’re on a mission to inspire others to always live life on their terms, no matter the circumstance.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • A brief rundown of what Jill and her husband are working on right now.
  • Where does Jill get her motivation in helping entrepreneurs shift to the empowered version of themselves?
  • What was the experience that served as a catalyst for change that opened Jill’s consciousness?
  • What led Jill and her husband to shut their business down in 2018?
  • In dealing with disempowering thoughts, how do Jill’s catch and cancel technique works?
  • What are the 3 big mistakes that personal brands are making in terms of scaling their business?
  • Why does Jill think that people are in a great awakening right now?
  • “Sometimes the most conscious thing to do is punch somebody in the face.” – AJ
  • How did Jill’s fear of judgment dim her life for many years? 
  • How is your level of awareness not just your responsibility but also your response-ability?
  • How did Jill compare her old C-player self to her A-player self today?
  • What people think of you doesn’t matter, why does Jill say so? 
  • “If you study consciousness at a deep level, to the degree that we’re willing to accept our death is to the degree that we’re willing to actually live our life.” -AJ
  • What must be done if we want to have genuine full freedom?
  • What’s Jill’s current marketing strategy and how is it helping her business?
  • Why does Jill say that it all stems from awareness to be able to step up to any level of transformation or success?
  • “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”
  • As Jill mentioned, what’s the first baby step that you can take to help people create success?
  • How being comfortable trips a lot of entrepreneurs? 
  • What is Project Shift’s “Couch to Castle” concept?
  • What’s the one-line advice that Jill will tell her younger self?

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