In today’s episode, I’ve invited two of the best people I know to give you some successful relationship tips. Because let’s be honest, if you’re not proactive in working to take your relationship with your spouse, or your kids, or your business partners to the next level, it can have a massive detrimental impact on your personal happiness and your business success.

They are the best relationship coaches I know. Their names are Lindsay Hammond and Lisa Jones. They own and run a company called The Big D’ Coaches, and they are on a mission to change the world. Lindsay and Lisa bring a refreshing take on this game that is known as relationships. They are willing to dive into the darkness that allows couples to experience breakthroughs and create Win-Win agreements so that both partners are getting their needs met, one tough conversation at a time. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What are some of the biggest mistakes in relationships that often lead down the path of divorce? 
  • Is the statement, “it takes two to tango” true for every relationship? Or one person is enough to change the course? 
  • How, “Acknowledging and listening without judgment takes a lot of self-awareness.”
  • Can you learn self-awareness?
  • How does trauma affect relationships?
  • Why is it difficult to coach individuals that suffered from trauma within their family of origin? How does this kind of trauma affect relationships?
  • How long do couples usually take to come out from the dark place and step into the other side?
  • What is one surprising way that couples can cultivate hope and, “find the light” when in these dark places?
  • Why is blaming other people for your unhappiness one of the biggest mistakes in relationships?
  • How can blame create poison in your relationship?
  •  Why do you have to choose discomfort over resentment?
  • What do Lindsay and Lisa tell their younger selves that will help them get results faster in their marriage?

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