Today, I’m gonna do something I never thought I would ever do, which is to talk about politics. I’m bringing on Zachary Miller to talk about the 2020 US election. He’ll just explain it with all of the shenanigans and not try to persuade you to vote one way or another.

My intention with this conversation is just to have an intelligent, unbiased conversation about the state of America, the political nature of things, and to guide us back to the truth. 

My hope is that this episode will empower us to actually lead and create some changes. 

So if you’re at a place where you want to align with the truth in the game of politics, pop in those earbuds, and let’s get to it. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How do our “mommy and daddy issues” affect how we vote?
  • What is one step to take to get better at picking your ideal candidate?
  • Are personal ideologies and values even necessary to us? 
  • What is the fundamental misreading of the concept of ‘original sin’?
  •  In making a decision in your leaders, why do you have to find somebody that truly sees themselves as a man (or woman) of the hour?
  • How did COVID affect or change people’s fear of death?
  • Is fear a helpful tactic in voting season as it pushes us to find someone to blame?
  • What is victim consciousness?
  • Why are most people terrified in diving into their shadows?

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