Today I’m bringing you an incredible guy all the way from France. His name is Rory Ramsden. He has worked in Olympic sailing for 20 years managing events and for the last three years, he has parlayed his life experience, and he’s been mentoring and coaching experts who are ready to get their business online.

Now, Rory believes that the old way of sales and marketing is completely broken. And he believes that those who have not evolved are the ones who are struggling. And he has found that mastering the art of storytelling is one of the past that actually helped experts make a lot more money and grow their business.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How does one of the craziest stories in Rory’s life affect the game of effective marketing?
  • What are the biggest mistakes personal brand leaders making when it comes to writing their copy?
  • Transitioning from providing value posts into storytelling.
  • How did people start writing stories in this game of value-based marketing?
  • How did they start bringing in some of these ancient storytelling principles that have been around since the dawn of time?
  • What are the 3 levels of conflict in a story?
  • Ways to create an, ‘us versus others’ that doesn’t create division in the marketplace.
  • What is a philosophical conflict and how to create it within our story frameworks?
  • What wisdom would Rory give to himself to help collapse time and get results faster? What would he tell himself?

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