Welcome to our 100th episode! This is very exciting, and I just want to celebrate that with all of you. Today, I’m bringing on one of my coaches who has changed my life massively. Her name is Dr. Tiffanie Noonan. Dr. Tiffanie is an osteopathic physician and a parenting coach. She helped me transform my marriage and how my wife and I interact and connect with our daughter. 

In 2009, she became the founding physician for practice in Georgia, where she fulfilled her desire to bring cutting edge pediatric care to a community that was in need. And in January 2014, she left that thriving practice to follow her passion and provide even more support for families, and more importantly, to help children.

So if you want to learn new ways, no matter what age they are, to create more connection with your children and your family, which is going to translate and how you’re able to lead your business and lead your team.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Why does Dr. Tiffanie let her children say no to her?
  • What problems do parents usually have with their children when they come to Dr. Tiffanie?
  • What is the most integral step in resolving your child’s issues?
  • What is “middle ground” parenting?
  • What can be one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs who also parent? 
  • How are entrepreneurs bringing more stress than success to their children?
  • How do you develop a child’s potential without controlling them based on your standard of success?
  • What can you benefit from having a childlike curiosity?
  • What matters most, your behaviour as a parent or your child’s? 
  • What is epic (conscious) parenting and how is it different from other parenting styles?
  • What was Dr. Tiffanie’s biggest parenting breakthrough and how did it change her life?
  • How do your children and your family impact how you lead and how you run a business?

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