In today’s episode, I’m bringing on a parenting coach to talk about advice for parents with addicts. Her name is Kim Muench. She’s the founder of Real Life Parent Guide, and she is very passionate about helping moms parenting kids who are high school age and older. Kim believes mothers are the emotional barometers in the family.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground! So if you’re open to looking at an incredible way to parent children and create a deep connection with people you lead…

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What was Kim’s parenting experience that led her to be a parent coach?
  • What does the phrase “our child come through us, not for us,” mean?
  • How are your children, your greatest teachers?
  • What is one of the fundamental things that most parents are challenged with?
  • How did Kim handle his son’s addiction, and what is her advice to parents dealing with the same problem?
  • What does Kim do regularly to help her tune in to herself?
  • What are the greatest lessons parents can teach their children?
  • How can you be curious than be furious with your children?
  • How can conscious parenting mold or transform your relationship with your children?
  • What does it mean to be a more present parent?
  • What usually becomes the problem with a compliance parent-children relationship?
  • What usually leads to disconnection in relationships?
  • “Every moment, every day is an opportunity to decide who am I. If you’re willing to open up and become more aware, is a beautiful way to experience life.” – Kim
  • What would Kim tell her younger self to collapse more time and get faster results?

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