In this episode, I’m bringing on a guest to help you stop procrastinating and get into flow state. So if you have a project you keep putting off or if you wonder why you keep doing the things you don’t want to do, today’s guest has a wealth of knowledge to help you get into a flow state and start taking massive action. 

Today’s guest is named Spencer Burnett. Spencer is a high-performance mind mechanic who specializes in helping entrepreneurs rewire their mindset. He helps them align their actions to support their goals and vision through mindset strategy, organization and spiritual enlightenment. He has been an entrepreneur and coach for the past 21 years across multiple industries. 

He has developed successful, transformational programs in health & fitness, dating & relationship, sales & systems, and enlightenment & alchemy. 

In addition to building several of his own multiple six-figure businesses, he has consulted for other companies, ranging from supporting new businesses to their first $10k month all the way to helping a mid-6 figure business build systems that helped them scale to multiple 7 figures.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Why are most people procrastinating?
  • The steps in rewiring your subconscious mind.
  • What is “Identity Imprinting”?
  • Why were Spencer procrastinating in the first place?
  • Why does shame serve as inspiration?
  • Difference between pushing yourself to reprogram subconscious mind and  pulling yourself to reprogram subconscious mind.
  • Where does karma play into this whole equation of procrastination?
  • Predestination versus Freewill.
  • When do we access the flow state?
  • How can people breathe and bring joy even to the suck?
  • What has been one of Spencer’s biggest breakthroughs so far?
  • The importance of friction to growth.
  • What would Spencer tell his younger self to collapse more time?

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