One of your biggest assets in your business is your email list.

Many times we think one day, I’ll get around to building my list but right now I’m just going to work on fulfillment.

Or…I’ll just find a Joint Venture partner.

Or…we know people who have email lists of 40,000 or more people and we just get discouraged.

Understand this…everyone started with no one on their list at some point in time.

If you haven’t started building your list or it’s a slow go for you, today’s video can change everything.

Even if you already have an opt-in offer, I recommend you revisit every 6 months to make sure it’s congruent with what you have going on.

Watch this Video because it explains it all.


If you want to build a list there are 3 steps you must follow.

1. Know your Target Market

Many people make the mistake of just throwing something up and they don’t take the time to really identify WHO they are helping.

You need to know what your potential client dreams of. What obstacles do they face? What frustrates them?

This will help you create an offer that is enticing and will compel them to give you their email address.

2. What problem are you truly solving?

If you’re opt-in offer isn’t converting very well, it’s most likely due to you not hitting on the prospect’s pain point.

There are ONLY 3 types of problems. Money, Relationships and Body. No matter what industry you are in, it will come down to one of these three.

Get to the root and stop with the fluff.

3. What’s the Big Ass Problem (BAP)

According to, 97% of online searches are looking for a solution.

If you know the BAP of the prospect and your offer solves it, you have gold my friend.

Many times an opt-in is a watered down piece of content and after a person opts in they just want to unsubscribe just the content isn’t very good.

Don’t make this mistake. KNOW the BAP and then create content via video, audio, PDF, etc to help the prospect solve it.


If you follow these 3 steps mentioned in the video, you are well on your way to building a great list.

Nailing the offer is a must when it comes to building your list. You must have a compelling offer.

After your offer is solid, you just need to implement a great content marketing strategy consistently.

You can do that by creating weekly videos such as this one, produce a podcast or blog.

The main key is consistent delivery of epic content.

I’d LOVE to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you opt-in offer is or what you think you will create.

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