Some would say webinars are dead.

I say…they are alive and well.

You can’t believe everything you hear in today’s marketplace.

The reality is marketing strategies have to be honed.

You cannot try hosting a webinar once hoping to get rich over night. When you do you’re most likely not going to yield massive returns on your pie-in-sky expectations and then you’ll give up.

This is what cowards do.

Modern day Creators on the other hand…you pay attention to which marketing strategies are congruent with your innate talents.

If speaking and presenting is something you have a knack for, you can crush with webinars.

The great news is you can get fast data from webinars. This allows you to tweak and adjust quickly.

So let’s hop into the formula for getting a 40% webinar attendance rate instead of a 10% webinar attendance rate.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Here are the statistics that are industry standard with webinars at the time of this post:

10% Webinar Attendance
10% Close Rate

Let me give you some perspective to make this make sense.

If you get 500 people registered, this means you’ll have 50 people live on your webinar and then out of the 50 people live, you would make 5 sales.

Keep in mind this is the average stats. But you have to keep your expectations realistic.

Otherwise, you’ll beat yourself up and you may start feeling lots of guilt and shame. These feelings do not help your sales.

Now check this out.

With a simple 4 email pre-webinar email series and a workbook, you can increase your webinar attendance by as much as 40%.

Why is this important?

If you get the same 500 people registered with a 40% webinar attendance rate, this means you’ll have 200 people live.

Then out of the 200 people live, you should still close at least 10%, this means you close 20 sales.

Did you catch that?

If you can get more people to attend your webinar, you make 40% more sales.

If you’re selling at $197 product this means you would increase your sales by $2,955 for the same webinar and registrations.

This is why paying attention to your webinar attendance rate is important.

So how do you increase the attendance to your webinar?

Increasing Your Webinar Attendance

It’s simple…pre-webinar emails, a workbook and only start promoting your webinar four days out.

People get busy these days fast. So do their A.D.D. a favor and limit your promotional time.

This way, your webinar is top of mind for them. It’s only four days away instead of two weeks.

That’s action point number one for you.

Then comes your pre-webinar email series.

You’ll want to schedule four emails. They are as follows:

Email #1: Subject Line: you’re registered + special details
Email #2: Subject Line: POP QUIZ: Which type are you?
Email #3: Subject Line: Circle this date and grab a beer
Email #4: Subject Line: Your Workbook + 3 Quick Questions

Now in all transparency, I learned this from Amy Porterfield. It’s amazing what you can learn when you pay attention and implement.

The Delivery Schedule

You’ll want to schedule Email #1 to go out immediately after they register for your webinar.

Schedule Email #2 to go out 3 days before your webinar.

Schedule Email #3 to go out 1 day before your webinar.

Schedule Email #4 to go out the day of your webinar.

Make sure you schedule all your emails to go out at 6am Eastern time. This is what’s getting the highest open rates for me and my clients.

Now what’s the psychology in the emails?

Great question.

The Email Psychology

Email #1 is all about thanking them for signing up and giving them a link to download a workbook for the webinar.

For the workbook, keep it simple. Just a PDF with sentences with blanks they can fill in work great.

Don’t over think this.

In fact, I created some swipe files for you. Get them now.

Email #2 is all about asking them if they will show up or not.

You want to challenge them and call them out. Ask them if they are going to be a One-Day Dreamer or a High Achiever.

Also, you’ll want to give them a link to download the workbook again.

Email #3 is all about creating a state of future expectancy.

Your brain doesn’t know any different from the past, today or the future. Feelings are all it knows.

So in this email you want to paint the picture of results for them.

Depending on the material you are teaching in your webinar, this could be one week from the webinar, one month or one year. The shorter the time frame the better.

The thing is you just need to be realistic for your expectations for them. Don’t over hype it. There’s enough of that and people are sick of it.

Email #4 is simple. You ask three questions:

  1. On a scale of 1-10: How satisfied are you with your Insert Results You Are Teaching
  2. Yes, No or Not Sure? Are you consistently getting Insert Results?
  3. What would you do: If I were to teach you how to Insert Benefits You’re Teaching?

The whole point of this is to get them to self qualify where they are at in the process.

Pain is the biggest motivator of people. Trust me. I’ve tried using as much positive in my marketing as I possible could.

Pain gets you paid.

You also want to make sure you give them the link to download the workbook again.

Now let’s get into the technical delivery of this all. Meaning what happens if people sign up on different days of the promotion? Which emails do they get?

The Technical Email Delivery

You may argue with this and say something like, “This is too many emails to send to people over a four day time period.”

Okay…what’s your show up rate look like right now?

If you write good emails it’s not. Grab these swipe files to help you.

The whole of this is you want your webinar to stay top of mind.

You also need to understand they choose to register for your webinar. You didn’t force them to.

So they are really excited because they are hoping your training will be the solution to their pain.

So here’s what I do:

When people register they always get Email #1.

Now, if they register 4 days or more before they webinar, that person will get all four pre-webinar emails.

If they register 2 days before the webinar, they only get Email #1, #3 and #4.

If they register the day of the webinar, they only get Email #1 and maybe Email #4 depending on what time they register.

This way they are not getting blasted with all four emails at a time.

This my friend is how you can increase your webinar show up rates and increase your sales on your webinars.

I’ve been using this and so have my clients and each person who’s used this strategy is having a nearly 40% show up rate.

One of my clients, Viveka von Rosen, made $19,809 from one simple webinar with no ad spend. She just used the formula on her list.

This stuff is money.

So here’s your next steps.

Your Next Steps

If you’re serious about using webinars to sale your products or services, you have to increase your show up rates. It makes a big difference in how much you sale on your webinar.

I created some swipe files for you. Click here to get them.

You’ll get the exact 4 emails I’ve used and also a copy of my workbook.

Model the swipe files and workbook.

I’ll shoot you straight here…you can swipe it word-for-word if you want, I don’t care. The reality is, it won’t work as well for you unless you add your voice into the swipe files.

That’s just a last little tip for you when executing with the swipe files.

These swipe files will shorten the gap to increasing your sales on your webinars.


It’s time Creator.


Anthony John Amyx
The Creator’s Mentor
CEO of AMYX Global
Founder of Creator 90

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