Everyone on the planet experiences self doubt at some point in their life.

It’s one of those things if not kept in check that can totally derail your life and business.

Some people may look as if they do not have self doubt, yet I would have you consider they do and have learned how to become aware of it and stop it immediately.

Today I want to share with you a four step process for overcoming self doubt immediately.

What Is Self Doubt

Dictionary.com defines self doubt as the lack of confidence in the reliability of one’s own motives, personality, thought, etc.

This is crazy if you really think about it because if we are not confident in our own ability, then who else can be confident in us.

If you’re constantly questioning your ability, you’re probably hiring mentor after mentor, or taking course after course so you can borrow some confidence and certainty from this.

While this may work for you short term, I will have you consider it’s not sustainable long term.

To take it even further, if you feel stuck in your life and business I would be wiling to bet it’s probably do to self doubt.

Otherwise, you’d me taking massive action.

The Consequences of Self Doubt

I will have you consider, the ramifications of self doubt go way past lack of confidence and certainty in your ability.

Out of all the people I work and mentor with, most do not see this correlation.

They do not realize the reason they seem stuck in business, the reason they keep trying tactic after tactic and not seeing results, comes down to they don’t 100% believe in themselves.

While this may seem trivial, it’s not because if you are executing marketing and sales strategies on a foundation of self-doubt, the market place can feel this and this is probably why you are not seeing results.

Let me explain.

There is an old spiritual adage that states, “As within, so without.”

What this really means is the world can only give you what you are willing to give yourself.

So if you are doubting yourself and your abilities, so will the market place.

You cannot fake it until you make it.

Not in the modern day marketplace.

People smell bullshit faster than chickens eat June Bugs.

This is why you must believe in yourself, your strategy and know you will be committed and adjust as need be to hit your targets.

This is why you must stop doubting yourself if you are serious about creating life on your terms.

Let’s get into how to overcome self doubt as soon as it rears it’s ugly head, because it will.

I assure you.

4 Steps To Overcome Self Doubt

Step 1: Become aware it exists.

Sounds crazy, yet awareness is crucial because how can you stop something if you are not aware of it?

Stop pretending you have all the answers and get extremely honest with yourself.

Admit you have doubt.

Step 2: Call bullshit.

You are way more powerful than you ever know.

There are examples after examples of human beings completing incredible feats.

There is a mantra in the Navy Seal Program called the 40% Rule, “which means when you think your done and have reached your limit, you’re actually only 40% done.”

So when you hear or feel that tiny little voice within you say you cannot do that, call bullshit.

Step 3: Mock the Voice

This serves as a pattern interrupt, which means as you are going about your day feeling a certain way, you do something to interrupt the state you are in — the feeling you are experiencing in that moment.

If you are experiencing self doubt maybe you’re feeling hopeless, frustrated, angry, stuck, sad or shameful.

You’re probably experiencing any feeling except courage in that moment.

So break your state my mocking that little self doubting voice four times, in four different voices.

Maybe your little self doubting voice is saying something like, “If you make that video, no one is every going to listen to you.”

Or maybe that voice says something like, “Who you are you to do that?”

Once you become aware of it and choose not to ignore it, call bullshit and then mock it in four of the weirdest voices you can come up with.

Use a Pee Wee Herman voice, use a Kermit the Frog Voice, use a scary monster voice, anything you want.

By doing so, you’ll see how silly that self doubting voice really is.

Step 4: Take the Next Empowering Action that’s Counter to the Self Doubt

Experience is the only thing that will shift your mindset.

People what to live in some fairy tale land thinking if they just want until they are inspired to do something or maybe one day they will feel confident to finally do something about it.

Yet, the reality is self doubt when left unchecked will keep you playing small.

It will keep you sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else play the game, while you sit their complaining how you could do better.

Then do so.

Do better.

Once you mock that silly little voice of self doubt, take action because once you do, you will immediately silence the voice of self doubt.

It can no longer torment you because it doesn’t have legs to stand.

You just created a new experience that is counter to what it said and it can no longer argue with you.

The faster you lean into the fear and take action, the faster you will overcome your self doubt and create what you want.

Next Steps

Now that you understand the four steps to overcome self doubt, if you’d like to connect with other creative entrepreneurs who are committed to thriving in the modern day marketplace, click here to check out the Raging Rebels Society.

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If you have a business in the creative industries, this is for you.

If you want to have a business in the creative industries, this is for you.

Rage on Rebel.


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