I’m gonna shoot you straight on this one…this is a topic that some may classify as New Age and Woo-Woo, yet Human Design will change your life and business for the better.

I feel I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t talk about this because many people are in businesses or creating businesses that are out of alignment with the way they are designed to thrive.

Human Design is the only system I’ve found up to this point, that really gives you a massive insight into how to live your life and run your business in a way that’s in alignment with how you specifically are designed to truly thrive on this planet.

I’m bringing Jaramy Eugene Wilson, of Souldier’s Inc.

He’s one of the best trainers on the planet when it comes to Human Design because he has a gift of making it very very practical and correlating it into a way that translates into real-world results (ie. money in your bank account, more connection with those you love, more sex with your partner, and really just overall happiness and joy throughout your day.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What Human Design is.
  • The difference between Human Design and Astrology.
  • How Human Design works.
  • Where to start if you’re new to Human Design.
  • The main features of Human Design you must know to thrive on this planet.
  • The 4 different Human Design Types and how knowing what type you are, helps you run and grow your business more efficiently.
  • Why knowing your specific “Strategy” is so important.
  • What Human Design Profiles are.
  • How Human Design helps you make better decisions.
  • What the benefits of Human Design are in business, marketing, and Life.
  • How to avoid the traps of having Human Design disempower you.
  • How to get and understand what you’re Human Design.

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