How Many Hashtags to Use in a Tweet

how many hashtags to use in a tweet

Often times many people randomly throw in hashtags when they tweet. It’s as if they believe the only way to communicate and get results with Twitter is by using hashtags. We see them every where. On posters, in commercials, on billboards and we even hear them in our every day english language. #Justsayin. So what…

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Why and How to Use Twitter Lists

how to use Twitter lists

According to Twitter, at the time of this post, there are 316 Million Active Users (this means they tweet at least once every 30 days), 500 Million Tweets are sent per day and 80% of the Active Users are on mobile. When I do the math on how many tweets are sent daily, it means there…

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August 2015 Goals

My focus this month is to focus on setting smaller goals. This way I can create momentum in my life. Each month I just want to do a little bit better. Then next month, I just want to do a little bit better. I want to focus on being in here and now. Yes. I…

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July 2015 Conclusion

July was a chaotic month for me. Lots of commitments. Possibly a little too much. Let me give you some perspective… I travel to Washington D.C in August for a week with my family, Sarah and I travel to Romania for 17 days during September (this means I pretty much do not work for a…

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Goals for July 2015

Aj Amyx

It’s time for me to start keeping track of my monthly goals publicly once again. I started this in late 2014 and really enjoyed the process. Then I had massive changes to my business and dropped the ball. Here’s to picking it back up and moving forward. Since my last goals post in September of 2014,…

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