Episode 073: (Conscious Leadership) Stop Pulling Punches

(Conscious Leadership) Stop Pulling Punches

In today’s episode, I want to share with you some conscious leadership advance entitled, Stop Pulling Punches. Also, I want to share a lesson I learned several years ago that drew my attention this week.  This week I facilitated a virtual team, a break-through/mediation type. The thing I was reminded about is the culture that…

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Episode 11: (Business Secrets From the Bible) How to Cash In On Faith

(Business Secrets From the Bible) How to Cash In On Faith

In today’s Sunday Sermon, I’ll be talking about Business Secrets from the Bible. Specifically, How to cash in on faith. If you’re open I’ll have you consider the following… …To the degree that you trust yourself, you trust your God. I explain more in the podcast. The thing is this…most people keep looking outside of…

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EP 008: (Six Figure Empire) How Jody Holland Doubled His Revenue, While Working Less

Six Figure Empire

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how my good friend and client doubled his revenue while working less.  I think you’ll get a ton of value from this episode because a lot of what Jody has to share is pretty counter-intuitive. Also, I decided to create a free training to teach you the exact…

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Why Persistence Will Keep You and Your Business Broke

Business Coach - Aj Amyx

We can learn a lot from good ol’ Thomas Edison. It is said it took him 10,000 failures before he figured the solution to create the light bulb (I think I said 1,000 in the video…opps). How many times in business have you heard persistence is the key to success. If you persist doing something…

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If you start too fast, slow down but KEEP GOING

Business Coach

Sometimes we set a goal and starting running too fast out of the gate. Before we know it, we fatigue and burn out. Many people do this, then quite what they are working towards. This leads to a life of mediocrity, numbness and disappointment. My challenge to you is to NOT STOP. Just slow down…

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