Episode 125: Admit it. You’re a Hypocrite

Admit it. You’re a Hypocrite

/center> Today, I’m bringing you a bit of my genius, which is some fire. Now I’m willing to bet that this conversation will either liberate you or it’s going to give you a reason just not to listen to me anymore. And I’m willing to make the gamble because you know, sometimes there are things…

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Episode 109:

On this Sunday sermon edition I want to talk about the power found in the pause. Now I know we’re officially only two weeks into the year of 2021 yet if you’ve set some big goals for yourself this year and you’re already finding yourself pulling out your hair from the challenges and the obstacles…

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Episode 030: The Art of Closing Sales with Tiji Thomas

The Art of Closing Sales with Tiji Thomas

In today’s episode we are bringing on the show Tiji Thomas. Tiji owns a company called Unsellingschool.com. Tiji helps coaches, consultants, course creators, and service providers turn strategy calls or free sessions into paying clients using a no-pressure, integrity-based system that aligns with your clients’ core values and beliefs. He has produced over $150M in…

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Why Use Twitter for Business

  Lots of people keep asking why use Twitter for business. For me…RESULTS. That’s why. A Little Background Story for You The year was 2013 and I was making several thousand dollars a month with my group coaching and one-on-one consulting business. I was successfully teaching people how to make money online and getting paid…

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The #TwitterRockstar Announcement

  The past several months have been incredible. I’ve built so many friendships with new people like Michael Port, Viveka von Rosen, Martin Shervington, Navid Moazzez, Jan Koch and Josh Parkinson. I could go on for days about more amazing individuals. Over the past 5 years I’ve been helping men and women around the globe launch their brand online…

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