Episode 046: How Vipassana Meditation Can Transform Your Life (Megan’s Vipassana Experience Revealed)

How Vipassana Meditation Can Transform Your Life (Megan's Vispassana Experience Revealed)

Today, I’m bringing Megan Darger to talk about how Vipassana Meditation can transform your life. Megan Darger is the creator of The Goddess Experience, which empowers women to live their full authentic power. She’s also the co-creator of a retreat called Sextasy which she runs with her husband Christopher John Stubbs, the retreat is all…

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3 Meditation Techniques to Attract Higher Paying Clients

Meditation Techniques

It’s one of the greatest times to be alive because we have access to any information we ever need to make highly educated decisions to produce our desired outcomes. Yet, I would have you consider we have become one of the most distracted generations that have ever walked the face of this planet. We are…

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