Today, I’m bringing Megan Darger to talk about how Vipassana Meditation can transform your life. Megan Darger is the creator of The Goddess Experience, which empowers women to live their full authentic power. She’s also the co-creator of a retreat called Sextasy which she runs with her husband Christopher John Stubbs, the retreat is all about helping couples breakthrough to a new level of intimacy and connection. 

She recently finished her second 10-Day Vipassana Meditation retreat. I did mine back in 2017, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life, but it was worth it. I know she has some wisdom to share that will help you break through to a new level of success. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • A brief rundown of Megan’s journey in becoming who she is today
  • What liberating experience did Megan’s face that led her journey back to love? 
  • The definition of self-love as discussed by Megan
  • How having Chronic Lyme Disease changed Megan’s perception of death and opened her capacity to experience depths of love?
  • How and what Chronic Lyme Disease taught Megan about surrender
  • What led Megan to commit to her journey in battling the pain of Chronic Lyme Disease?
  • How the book “Love Without Conditions” by Paul Freeney affected Megan’s journey
  • How breath works helped Megan deal with pain?
  • What leads Megan to Vipassana Meditation?
  • What is Vipassana as explained by Megan?
  • What was Megan’s experience with Vipassana Meditation? 
  • The more aware we become, we’ll come to realize that there’s so much available to us in life to feel something.
  • What was Megan’s biggest practical breakthrough that she experienced in the retreat?
  • What wisdom will Megan share with her younger self that would help her collapse some time and generate more results in life?

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