In this video, AJ Amyx, a transformational life coach, presents an in-depth analysis of toxic shame in this video.

Toxic shame is a debilitating emotion associated with a negative self-image and undervaluing one’s self, distinguishing it from regular shame, which is a response to our actions.

It originates from sources like childhood trauma, abusive relationships, or societal pressures.

Toxic shame is so deeply internalized that most people often aren’t even aware of its presence.

Toxic shame and healthy shame are not the same. Healthy shame acts as a moral compass, pointing out when we’ve made a mistake. In contrast, toxic shame makes us feel like we are the mistake.

Healing from toxic shame involves several steps:

  1. Acknowledging its presence
  2. Seeking professional help
  3. Practicing self-compassion
  4. Connecting with others who understand what you’re going through
  5. Challenging the shame and realizing that you are not your past or your mistakes.

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