In today’s episode, I’m bringing on an epic Coach named Shems Heartwell. He’s an incredible coach and helped me see some things that I didn’t know existed. Things like how ancestral lineage healing impacts your life and business. In the past 15 years Shems he has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of conscious relationship, leadership, healing, and transformation. He blends his experience and knowledge into a way that really pushes people to the edge of their potential. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How did Shems get introduced to ancestral lineage healing?
  • Why it is important for you to become aware of your ancestors and bring healing to it.
  • The impact when you are bringing healing to your ancestors.
  • What is Ancestral Lineage Healing?
  • How does it compare to Mediumship?
  • How do you learn to access and heal your ancestral lineage?
  • Can you do ancestral lineage healing even if you do not know parts about your family or if you are adopted? 
  • Why does ancestral lineage healing work matter?
  • What role does Shems feel Ancestral Lineage healing plays into the overall work of our culture right now?
  • What is at stake if you do not try to access and heal your ancestral lineage?

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