In this episode, I’m bringing you the CEO and founder of Crowdspring to talk about how to save you from bad graphic design plus we get into his personal breakthroughs, lessons from his life and a really awesome business. So if you want to save yourself from having bad design with logos, social media, graphics, or any branding and design needs and learn some massive awesome keys to successfully scaling business, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

His name is Ross Kimbarovsky, he’s the founder and CEO of Crowdspring, which is a design company that can help you with everything from logo to web design to custom business names and everything in between. They have over 220,000 vetted creatives who will have your back and Ross immigrated to the US from the Ukraine in 1979. And after a 13 year career as a successful trial attorney, he chose to swing into creating Crowdspring in 2007. And he leads that business, he has been honored as one of Techweek’s 100 top technology leaders and business visionaries.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode!

  • Why do a lot of managers fail at leadership and management in the US?
  • Why would a business visionary like Ross care about holding space for other’s emotions?
  • How did Ross get from the game of business and helping startups?
  • Why do Ross think that most people don’t get the designs they want?
  • Why is that a, ‘good design is a great business’?
  • How does Crowdspring differ from agencies?
  • What does listening have to do with the visual art of design?
  • Why do Ross think more people take time to be in the pocket with people? Is it because they’re just not comfortable in the silence or is it something different?
  • What type of desire is the most sustaining for Ross?
  • What would Ross tell his younger self to collapse time and get results faster?

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