Today I’m bringing you a guest to teach you how to manifest anything you want in your life. So if you have desires that you want to create during this lifetime and you want an edge to make those desires a reality, hang with me. 

Her name is Heather Hakes and she’s been into the personal development game since she was 15 years old. She’s always been fascinated with the teachings of psychology and science and believes that science demystifies the mystical and in 2017 she took a huge, ginormous leap of faith and followed an intuitive nudge. 

She waved goodbye to her corporate world knowing there had to be a reality like she didn’t want to continue dreading Mondays and sharing on Fridays for the rest of her life. And after making that leap, she learned firsthand how the universe had her back. After quitting her job, she manifested a six figure payout and spent the next two and a half years traveling around the world. She’s a recovering type A planner and is obsessed with manifesting her dreams and helping others do the same. And she has learned how to create an image or desire in her mind and allow the universe to show her the way. And today she’s coming on the podcast to share what she has learned.Are you ready to also know that the universe has your back? Pop in those earbuds and let’s do this.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How did Heather know that it was time to leave the corporate world and start manifesting everything?
  • Is there an obvious difference between divine internal nudges and ego?
  • How does somebody come out of his head and body to listen?
  • What are the three steps to manifest things?
  • If one never really knows how they feel about things, how do they start tapping into feelings?
  • What are some of the routines that Heather has in the morning that keeps her grounded in a place of power?
  • How many times Heather fell down the rabbit hole?

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