In today’s episode, we will be talking about Designing your life is about making sure you have the balance between the being and the doing.  Riding a bicycle of purpose can’t work well with only one pedal.  If you are only doing and not also being, you will find yourself frustrated in the process.  Your best life is not about reaching some final destination.  It is about living each day in such a way that you experience peace, power, and prosperity on a daily basis.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • The faulty success equation says that you will be worthy of success only when you “arrive” at whatever the bullshit standard is that is in front of you.  Yet you simply kick the can further down the road any time you achieve that one objective.
  • You have to understand you are worthy of feeling success because you are already in the human experience.  Your very existence provides for your self-sourcing of your worthiness.
  • You get to design your life any way you wish to design it.  You have what you need already inside of you.
  • Your happiness, peace, and purpose are not the result of making a certain amount of money.  Many people end up hating the mountain when they make it to the top.
  • Resistance is what makes this game actually worth playing.  It is what creates the contrast and therefore creates an understanding of victory.
  • People start a business and they are actually seeking the right feeling of success.  We are each seeking the feeling of success more than just the experience of running the ball down the field.
  • Your best life has to at the core of your vision.  Take a few minutes to write out what your ideal day is.  Use all of your senses to determine what the perfect day would be for you.  What would you want to experience each and every day?
  • When you write our your ideal day, read it from time to time in order to make sure you are able to experience what you would like to experience as a human being.
  • The law of being cannot be ignored because it is a natural law and is neutral.  We become that which we are at our core.  Who you are, what you feel, and what you focus on will ultimately become the manifestation of you.
  • Know and feel as if you are living out the ideal day right now.  Know at your core that it is done and it is just a matter of time doing what is required and you will eventually experience that which you are at your core.
  • Where in your life are you following the bullshit Success Equation and what’s it costing you?
  • Success is simply a choice.  Choose and accept that it is done.

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