Today I’m bringing you a guest to talk about how to increase your online visibility. Today’s guest opens up to share some of the personal challenges that she faced in leaving her corporate job to start and establish her successful business. So if you’re at a place where you’re thinking about making the jump to go into entrepreneurship full time or you just want some inspiration to stay the course then sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Today’s guest is Kinsey Machos. She helps coaches, consultants and service based business entrepreneurs build their influence, impact and income by maximizing their visibility online so they can really get known as an expert in their industry and stand out in the noise and attract high quality clients. She’s been featured on CBS Fox, NBC, Yahoo Finance and she just has an amazing spirit about her.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How was it for Kinsey to juggle everything as a mom, wife, teacher and an entrepreneur?
  • What is the key in increasing visibility online?
  • What is Kinsey’s favorite platform right now?
  • How does Kinsey maintain energy and be disciplined enough to unplug and plug in but stay motivated the entire time?
  • What is Kinsey’s biggest fear?
  • How did Kinsey breakthrough in 2020?
  • What were some of the biggest mistakes that Kinsey made last year?
  • How did Kinsey cut through the noise of starting a business in 2020?
  • How does Kinsey know what her truth is and how did she come home to listen in the noise?
  • What is Kinsey’s favorite type of content to create?
  • What would Kinsey tell her younger self to collapse time and get results faster?

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