In today’s episode, I’m bringing you my good friend, Jason Croft of Croft Media to talk about how to create a content strategy. I feel not enough people are talking about this in this game as a coach and course creator. I hope that you are able to pull valuable information from this episode, now let’s get you a content strategy.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What led Jason to creating content and content strategies for people.
  • The impact of creating content has had on Jason’s life personally and professionally.
  • Why should a course creator have a content strategy?
  • Is content a big part of building authority, expert positioning or building a celebrity brand.
  • Why is expert positioning important?
  • What is content marketing?
  • What qualifies content as being content?
  • What are the steps to building a content marketing strategy?
  • What are the common content marketing mistakes?
  • The inspiration it takes to keep creating content.
  • How to stand out as a creator?
  • How to ensure your content is relevant to your intended audience?
  • How do you make your content engaging?
  • How often should you post content?
  • What medium content is best? Is short-form or long-form better?
  • Is content calendars best?
  • The importance of keywords in content.
  • Should you put your personality into content?
  • How does content marketing set up sales calls or sale programs and help people make money?
  • Where is the intersection of paid traffic and content marketing?
  • What are the best ways to measure content’s influence on sales and revenues?
  • Parting wisdom if Jason was to go back and tell himself something when he first started in this game. 

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