Are your efforts on Twitter building your list?

Are you creating organic traffic to your website with your tweets?

If not, you’re missing out on one of the BIGGEST social media tools right now.

In this short blog post you’ll discover how to write a Twitter Bio that will help you build your list.

Watch this Video because it explains it all.

The strategy is simple. You want to write a bio that is short, intriguing and appeals to your target market.

Here’s the formula in case you missed it in the video or…just don’t care to watch the video and want the info now.


Use three or four descriptive words that tell who you are and what you do.

Then use follow this formula:
I help/teach/train _________ (who) on/how _____________(what) so that ____________(benefit).

Here’s an example.
Business Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker. I train entrepreneurs on how to launch and monetize a product, program or business to create a life of freedom.

If you want to see what this looks like on Twitter, Follow me and check out my Twitter account.

The whole point of your bio is to let your target market know who you are and how you can help them at a quick glance.
The easier you can make it on them and speak their language, the more click throughs you will have.

Here’s what one person said after implementing this advice

how to write a twitter bio





The real secret to all of this is your Lead Magnet (opt-in offer) on your website needs to solve the big ass problem your target market is experiencing.

This way, when the target market click through to your website from Twitter, BAM! they opt-in because again you are solving their problem.


If you keep your bio short, fun, intriguing and most importantly speak to your target market and how you help them, they will click through to your website boasting your organic traffic and if your lead magnet is solid, you’ll build your email list using Twitter.

What do you think? Have you used this tactic to increase the organic traffic coming to your website? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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