Episode 140: Ayahuasca: Journey to Healing

Ayahuasca: Journey to HealingAyahuasca: Journey to Healing

Today I’m bringing on a guest to talk about her own personal experience with Ayahuasca and how it has realistically impacted her daily life or business. Her name is Ami Grace. She’s a teacher, a holistic psychotherapist master trainer. She has over 15 years of clinical experience and training in hypnotherapy and energy psychology, Meridian…

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Episode 139: Ancient Power for Creation

Ancient Power for Creation

Today I want to talk about an Ancient Power for Creation. We’re going to go down the rabbit hole a bit today and what I have to say may be a bit controversial. But if you want to unlock limitless ambition and embody your potential, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. What You’ll Hear…

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Episode 138: From Musician to Thriving Voice Actor with Tim Paige

From Musician to Thriving Voice Actor with Tim Paige

Today I’m bringing on a professional voice actor to share his journey of building a thriving online business, an amazing career. His name is Tim Paige. He’s a professional voice actor who just absolutely loves what he does, whether it’s promos for like a new TV series or narrating some next special or intros for…

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Episode 137: Be a Go-Giver

Be a Go-Giver

I just got back from a high-level mastermind event that was held down in Puerto Rico and I met some incredible people. It’s funny to me going to these mastermind things because every time I do, I always walk away feeling like I’m not thinking big enough. I was just super inspired by the people…

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Episode 136: Online Business Building Tips with Jan Koch

Online Business Building Tips with Jan Koch

Today I’m bringing on an international friend to share some online business building tips with you. His name is Jan Koch. I first met him back in 2011 on Twitter and he’s a great guy. He’s a WordPress wizard, he has tried a whole lot of things in this online business world. He created a…

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