The AMOUNT of NO’s seperates the Have’s from the Have Not’s

Business Coach - Aj Amyx

No is NOT a scary word. Somehow as we have grown older, we have been conditioned to believe that hearing the word no REFLECTS on us personally. Meaning we are a bad person. Meaning we are NOT good enough. This my friends is ONE of the BIGGEST lies keeping you from creating the EPIC life…

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The SECRET to Mastering Technology like a Digital Native

Some CREATORS think technology is too hard like it’s this foreign language one must master. That CANNOT me FURTHER from the truth. The Truth… If you can upload a picture to Facebook and operate a Microsoft Word document you can MASTER technology and create an Internet based business that will ROCK your world. All it…

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It is with a heart full of love and concern that I ask… Are you an ENTREPRENEUR or a VOLUNTEER? Put differently, if you keep doing business the way you are right now, will you be in business next year? YOU are IMPORTANT! What you have to offer the world is important! YOU are UNIQUE…

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You ARE a BRIDGE for Someone

CREATOR if you learn nothing else from me, understand this… You are CREATED to be a bridge for someone. There are people in this life you are BORN to reach. There are people in this life that ONLY YOU can reach. Not I, not your friend…ONLY YOU. Will you choose to STAND UP and LEAD…

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Marketing Coach – The QUALITY of YOUR questions DETERMINES the QUALITY of your Business

CREATOR, what questions are you asking yourself on a daily basis? Jesus once said, “Ask and you shall receive.” If you’re asking bad questions, you WILL receive BAD answers. On the other hand, if you are asking GOOD questions, you WILL receive GOOD answers. Understand this simple truth…The Quality of your questions, determines the Quality…

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