For this Sunday Sermon Edition, I’d do something I’ve never ever done in the history of my online career before which is to bring my wife onto the show. And over the past few weeks, she has experienced personal up leveling of sorts that has had a tremendous impact on our marriage. And I asked her if she’d be willing to hop onto the podcast and share and she said yes, now she is a bit nervous, but the information and the stories that she shared, I believe will have a massive impact on you, and what she shares may hold some keys for you and your partner and making some quantum level upgrades to the way that you relate with one another. 

This is her and me, just sharing very vulnerably some massive breakthroughs that she’s had with you. And also me sharing some of the real transformation that our journey has brought to me personally, and also to her as well and how it’s impacted our relationship together. And if you know me, I like being and leading as transparently as possible as I can, because I feel the raw and real truth in the stories from the trenches just help others collapse time faster. So we’ll be hearing a lot of that during this episode.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How is somebody’s way of being like a train car?
  • How did Sarah awaken to her train car and lay new tracks?
  • How did Sarah track acts of love?
  • Anthony’s perception of Sarah 6 years ago.
  • Shift perspective, is it a way of thinking? Or is it deeper than that? 
  • How did Sarah go from just being purely thought driven to now paying attention to the way she feels? How has that benefited her?
  • Sarah’s ways of expressing her feelings.
  • When did Sarah decide to look at her train and lay new train tracks? 
  • How did Sarah become aware of a new way to love and embrace herself?
  • Sarah’s advice for those who had a wife who was similar to her.
  • Why did Sarah choose to trust and listen to somebody?
  • AJ’s perspective about our marriage.
  • AJ’s advice for somebody that is going through the same thing. 
  • Sarah’s advice for a woman who feels exactly the same way.
  • What wisdom would Sarah give her younger self to collapse time and results?

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