Recently, I’ve been preparing for my cousin’s wedding. He’s asked me to officiate his wedding and many people don’t know this but I’ve officiated my sister’s wedding and my grandmother’s funeral.

I love doing it and I do my best to try to capture the spirit of the people when I officiate the event.

And during this process I was reminded of a Bible verse and upon reading it, I understood it in a different light and I thought to myself…

“Man. If more people truly understood this, if I would have understood this sooner, our relationships would be on another level of connection.”

So…if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to have the best relationship with your spouse, your family and friends possible…

…sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What is love for most of the people?
  • What often goes wrong when we view love as a conditional thing? 
  • Why can understanding love transform all of your relationships and your ability to guide people into closer connection with themselves and others?
  • How is relationship advice for entrepreneurs different? 
  • What is one step that you can take to fully understand and embody unconditional love as an Entrepreneur? 

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