July 2015 Conclusion

July was a chaotic month for me. Lots of commitments. Possibly a little too much. Let me give you some perspective… I travel to Washington D.C in August for a week with my family, Sarah and I travel to Romania for 17 days during September (this means I pretty much do not work for a…

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Goals for July 2015

Aj Amyx

It’s time for me to start keeping track of my monthly goals publicly once again. I started this in late 2014 and really enjoyed the process. Then I had massive changes to my business and dropped the ball. Here’s to picking it back up and moving forward. Since my last goals post in September of 2014,…

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My List of Goals for September 2014

Aj Amyx - Business Coach

I learned a lot from starting this process in August. I’m excited to see how September turns out. Below is a list of 8 goals I’ve set out to achieve during the month of September 2014. I’ve set a goal in each of the 8 areas that make up the wheel of life and I highly encourage…

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