In today’s episode,  We’ll be talking about how to be more assertive. I’m bringing on one of my past attendees and coaching clients to share her journey and the wisdom she’s found in being more assertive. I’ve chosen her specifically because I’ve witnessed the incredible turn around in her life and I believe her message and path will serve you.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How the Uprising event transformed Amy’s life and the biggest memory from that event that stuck with her.
  • Amy’s journey from being a people pleaser to owning her own power.
  • Why being assertive is important for everyone to embody this attribute. 
  • How assertiveness impacts one’s business life and home life.
  • Being confident and direct in dealing with others.
  • How Amy has found most people’s default modes when it comes to being assertive and speaking their truth.
  • How to overcome these certain fears.
    • Fear of Conflict
    • Fear of upsetting other 
    • Fear of rejections
    • Feeling overly-responsible for the other person
  • The steps to take going from a people pleaser to being assertive
    • Breathe. Remain open. Direct eye contact, looking into the left eye.
    • Learn you have nothing to prove or defend.
    • Learn how to disagree.
      • CPR
      • Feel, Felt, Found
  • Balance between being Assertive and not being an asshole.
  • Benefits to being Assertive.

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