In today’s episode, Unlocking more freedom, purpose, and success is based on understanding the law of being and embracing the truth that you are the soul in control.  When you choose to be, think, feel, and act in accordance with a new conception of self, embracing the being of this conception, our expression of self will always match.  You cannot outwork your conception of self.  Instead, you must believe in the true conception of your being in its highest form in order to become that which you desire. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Most people don’t really want to take control of their life because it means they must take full responsibility for every aspect of their life.
  • Step 1 is aligning with the truth of what is.
  • You have to learn to love to love every aspect of what is within your life.
  • You cannot outwork the conception you have of yourself.  These conceptions become self-fulfilling prophecies.  What you conceive yourself as, the world will give you the opportunity to live into that.
  • You cannot escape the law of being but you can leverage it.
  • The world will give you a reflection of who you are at your core.  Being becomes that which it imagines itself to be.
  • God is the unconditioned awareness of being.  The consciousness of being became the thing it imagined itself to be.  God wants to have an experience of being what you become.  We must imagine ourselves to be that which we shish to be.
  • First conceive and then become that which you conceive.  All things evolve out of no-thing.  If we conceive ourselves to be something, the energy of that conception becomes the truth, or the experience of our reality.
  • When you are in touch with the creator within, when you are the soul in control, you create out of the overflow of your purpose.
  • We are compelled to be that which we conceive ourselves to be.  Our expressions must match our conception of self.
  • When we rise above that which we are currently experiencing it is because we elevate our conception and belief about ourself.
  • The truth of “I have nothing to prove and nothing to defend” is what set me free in my journey.  I am that I am.
  • To leverage the law of being, think, feel, and act in accordance with that which we wish to experience.
  • When you will be with the part of you that you are afraid of or that is injured, you are able to accept yourself as you are and therefore you can have the conception of self that you desire.
  • The law of being governs all that is.
  • Will you choose to be the soul in control?
  • If so, you can choose to experience anything you desire because you ARE the soul in control.

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