In this episode, I’ll share with you my first LSD experience and what I have learned from it. It may sound a little crazy to be sharing it publicly, but if you’re open to taking a journey down the rabbit hole with me and learning some practical lessons to take your life and business to the next level, sit back and enjoy the show.

It was a crazy, cool, and friendly journey. It differed greatly from my previous journeys with MDMA and Psycilociban. Just for the record, I’m not advising you to do LSD. I’m not advocating that you do. I’m simply sharing with you my experience and the wisdom that I gained that changed my life.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How did AJ figure his dosage for LSD?
  • How does AJ’s LSD journey different from his experiences with MDMA and Psycilociban?
  • What was AJ’s experience with LSD? What emotions, visions, and realizations did AJ experienced when the LSD first hit him?
  • With AJ and his cousin’s conversation, how can life be like a painting, and how does it connect to humans as creators?
  • What are the two phases of this life as a human being?
  • Why does AJ think that in life legacy doesn’t matter?
  • What helped AJ reach the point of clarity in realizing his own client journey?
  • Why was AJ’s Viking warrior character not serving his wife? What was AJ’s realization?
  • How did AJ and his brother connect with the movie Onward?
  • How did LSD open and change his insight towards his brother?
  • How did LSD lead AJ to a huge breakthrough around food?
  • What was AJ’s realization about the human ego?
  • What does science say about Psychedelics? 
  • How is Psychedelics used for healing or activating one’s soul for a massive breakthrough?

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