In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how to be certain in uncertainty so you can thrive in any economy. So if you’re looking for the edge over your competition and you’re desiring to find your inner knowing that you will help you hit your goals no matter what happens, you’re in the right place.

If you’re not aware, we are still in the midst of a Pandemic and people are freaking out. Many are upset, many are spending a lot of their time talking about how things “should” be or how they “used” to be. Now, let me give you a quick warning because what I’m about to say may offend you, yet it needs to be said.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Why is talking about how things used to be and things should be a total waste of time?
  • What does being a conscious creator mean?
  • What is the simplest truth that people should admit if they want to step into their ability to be a conscious creator? 
  • In the face of uncertainty, how does your ego try to control the situation?
  • What usually is one of the biggest problems with many leaders?
  • Who is the only person that can save you in the face of uncertainty?
  • Where and how will you find the answers to your uncertainties? 
  • What’s wrong with the success equation? How does it hinder you from being a conscious creator?

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