Today, I’m bringing you someone I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting through Facebook, she’s an incredible human being. Wrenna Monet is an amazing psychedelic artist  and I hired her to create my book cover, which by the way is super badass.

She also happens to be incredibly wise, and has this incredible life journey. So I invited her to come on to the podcast and share some wisdom with you. Because I really believe it’s going to help you open up to a new level of possibility, a new level of freedom, purpose and success like especially if you’re open to some spiritual concepts.

So, if you’ve ever done or have been drawn to exploring psychedelics to help you evolve your consciousness and really, like live the life God has called you to or the life God has in store for you, sit back, relax and enjoy

What You’ll Hear In This Episode!

  • How do you get over the struggle of judgement from and being misunderstood by others?
  • How did Wrenna’s accident impact her art?
  • How does one find joy in being alone as a professional artist?
  • What are some risks of using plant medicine?
  • How does plant medicine help you step outside of yourself and analyze all others perspectives?
  • Could Wrenna do her art as well as she does without plant medicine? 
  • Can you really reprogram yourself? 
  • How does a painting paint itself?
  • What would Wrenna’s advice be for people who are not aware of shadow work.

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